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Video of SIGCOMM Demo

October 29th, 2008, brandonh in OpenFlow Blog

Last August at SIGCOMM 2008, we presented a demo of OpenFlow where both game servers and clients could move around in a production network, while maintaining their connectivity to each other.

For anyone who missed the demo, or wants to share it with others, we’ve made a self-contained four-minute video that explains OpenFlow background and the demo – with slides, pictures, and video clips of those playing the game.  Check it out above, in web-size, or see it in 720p HD!

OpenFlow wins Best Demo Award at SIGCOMM 2008

August 21st, 2008, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

Today at the SIGCOMM 2008 conference in Seattle our demo of OpenFlow for virtual machine mobility won the award for the best demonstration. An abstract of the demo can be found on the SIGCOMM site here.

This demo was a huge group effort between Stanford, Cisco and HP. In the end everything worked perfectly and the response from SIGCOMM attendees was overwhelming. Congratulations to everyone who contributed including David, Glen, Brandon, David, Jad, Guido, Guru, Nick, Mendel, Monica, Masa, Miles, Adam and Bob at Stanford. Thanks to Sailesh, Valentina, Pere and Flavio at Cisco and Jean, Praveen, Sujata, Charles and Rick at HP.

We’ll have more about the demo including video and photos later.

Also congratulations to Neda, Sara, Yashar, Brandon and David to their second place for the NetFPGA demo!

OpenFlow T-Shirts Arrive at SIGCOMM 2008

August 19th, 2008, David Erickson in OpenFlow Blog
The beginning of Masa and Guido's modelling career

The beginning of Masa's and Guido's modeling careers

David, Brandon, and Glen’s concensus? “Take off the undershirts, divas…”