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OpenFlow demo at the GENI CIO Meeting in Chicago

August 27th, 2008, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

We gave a short presentation of OpenFlow in the context of Enterprise GENI at the GENI CIO Meeting in Chicago today, and finished it with a live demo of the system running at Stanford. Everything worked very well, with the dashboard running in Chicago and us being able to demonstrate VM mobility and flow optimization (Thanks Glen and David U!).

There seems to be a lot of interests from University CIOs in OpenFlow as a potential tool for networking research. Specifically the ability to run production traffic and experimental traffic on the same switching hardware with good separation received a lot of questions. There seems to be a natural tension at Unviersities between networking researchers that want maximum flexibility, and the people operating the production network that want to keep everything stable and secure. An OpenFlow switch that separates OpenFlow and production traffic by VLAN seems to provide at least a partial solution to this problem.