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GENI announces $10.5m in NSF funding for large-scale prototypes

October 26th, 2009, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

chipelliotBBN Technologies today announced $10.5 million in NSF funding for large-scale prototype deployments of new networking technologies (Full Press Release). It is exciting to see a first generation of GENI research move from the laboratory to live networks across the continent.

Currently negotiations for on scope and amounts for the individual projects are ongoing and nothing is final yet. That being said the current plans are for a substantial part of the funding to be used in OpenFlow deployments at a number of universities and backbone networks. Schools previously mentioned as participating include Princeton, Rutgers, Clemson, Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia Tech and University of Washington with NLR and Internet2 connecting them. A number of networking hardware vendors have committed to providing OpenFlow enabled switches and routers for the deployments. We’ll update you on the details as they are being announced.

In the men time congratulations and thanks to Chip Elliot (pictured to the right) and his team at the GPO for having taken another major step to move the GENI vision forward.

Welcome Mikio and Tatsuya

March 2nd, 2009, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog
Tatsuya Yabe

Tatsuya Yabe

Mikio Hara

Mikio Hara

The OpenFlow team at Stanford has two new members. We are extremely happy to welcome Mikio Hara and Tatsuya Yabe from NEC Japan that will spend the next two years in the Clean Slate lab working on OpenFlow and the next generation networking infrastructure.

Mikio and Tatsuya already joined late last year, and Tatusya has already taken over the NetFPGA port of OpenFlow and recently led the release of  the OpenFlow 0.8.9(r2).

Mikio is taking over the next release of the OpenFlow software reference implementation. Welcome Mikio and Tatsuya!

OpenFlow Wireless at Stanford

November 28th, 2008, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

The Stanford Experimental Wifi Deployment Team building Access Points

Just before thanksgiving the Wireless Deployment team put together 80 new wireless access points for a testbed at Stanford. These are PC Engines based APs that run the latest version of OpenFlow. The plan is to use them for mobility experiments as part of the POMI project, as well as mobility experiments done in Phil Levis’ group. Congratulations to Masayoshi Kobayashi and the whole team including Mayank, KK, TY, Michel, Peyman, Jiang, Nikhil, Brandon and Mikio (some of them pictured above).