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FlowVisor version 0.7 released

February 13th, 2011, capveg in OpenFlow Blog

An updated version of FlowVisor has been released that adds a small number of features and addresses a number of bugs.

Enterprise GENI featured

October 5th, 2009, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

Enterprise GENI, the OpenFlow based Network Substrate that is part of the large-scale GENI effort funded is featured on the GENI home page today. GENI uses the FlowVisor with an added-on Aggregate Manager to virtualize a network. Recently at Stanford we demonstrated how to use eGENI together with PlanetLab, allowing control of both computing and network infrastructure through a single framework. For more information, have a look at the article.

Alpha Release of FlowVisor

June 2nd, 2009, capveg in OpenFlow Blog

FlowVisor is a special purpose controller that allows multiple researchers to concurrently manage the same OpenFlow-enabled network. If we say a network slice is a collection of physical resources and classes of traffics, then FlowVisor is the logic that manages resource allocation among slices and enforces isolation between them. Thus using FlowVisor, research and production traffic can safely co-exist on the same underlying hardware.

We believe that FlowVisor will be an important component on the path of enabling research in your network.

For more information about FlowVisor or to download the code and try it yourself, please go to: