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Rethinking the Internet with OpenFlow at U Wisconsin-Madison

September 17th, 2009, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

adityaProfessor Aditya Akella at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is teaching an advanced graduate level class on rethinking the internet architecture that makes heavy use of OpenFlow. A major part of the class is practical experimentation with OpenFlow. Specifically students will write NOX modules that implement new protocols which can then be run on the OpenFlow topology that he has set up. Some of the OpenFlow nodes in the topology are NetFPGA cards, thus it is additionally possible to try out new forwarding hardware. For more information have a look at the class home page and the reading list.

OpenFlow in Academia

June 3rd, 2009, srini in OpenFlow Blog

OpenFlow, I believe, provides an easy way to use actual switching/routing devices in an academic setting. There seem to be a few universities that are teaching OpenFlow in a lecture or are using OpenFlow for their course projects. Following is a quick list that I generated to appease my curiosity. If I missed your university, please send us a mail.

Georgia Tech, Spring 2009
CS 4255/6255: Network Management
Instructor: Russ Clark
What? Project + Lecture

Columbia University, Spring 2009
CSEE W4140: Networking Laboratory
Instructor: Jong Yul Kim
What? Project

U Toronto, Fall 2008
CSC 2203: Packet Switch and Network Architectures
Instructor: Yashar Ganjali
What? Lecture

Seoul National University, Fall 2008
Topics in Internet  (4541.774)
Instructor: Yanghee Choi
What? Lecture