Please Note: This website has been archived and is no longer maintained.
See the Open Networking Foundation for current OpenFlow-related information.


Right now, OpenFlow, this web-site and the reference implementatioins are being supported and maintained by the High Performance Networking Group at Stanford University.

The following researchers proposed OpenFlow:


People interested in OpenFlow are encouraged to join one or more of the OpenFlow mailing lists.

The current mailing lists are:

  • OpenFlow-announce — a low-volume list for OpenFlow announcements including new versions of the specification and reference design releases
  • OpenFlow-discuss — a list for general discussion of OpenFlow related topics including deployment, use, applications, controller development
  • OpenFlow-dev — a high-volume development mailing list for the OpenFlow reference implementation and software switch
  • OpenFlow-spec — a low-volume list for discussing proposed revisions to the OpenFlow specification
  • OpenFlow-meeting — a list for OpenFlow meeting announcements and notifications
  • OpenFlow-jobs — a list for OpenFlow-related job announcements