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A seven page whitepaper that outlines the protocol, system architecture, and use cases. If you don’t know anything about OpenFlow, you should read this first.

This whitepaper was written by:

Nick McKeown
Stanford University
Tom Anderson
University of Washington
Hari Balakrishnan
Guru Parulkar
Stanford University
Larry Peterson
Princeton University
Jennifer Rexford
Princeton University
Scott Shenker
University of California,
Jonathan Turner
Washington University
in St. Louis


This is the latest version of the OpenFlow Switch Specification, the standards document that describes the protocol that is used between an OpenFlow Switch and the OpenFlow Controller. It is targeted at a technical audience that wants to understand the details of the protocol or do OpenFlow related development.



Publications using OpenFlow are listed in the wiki, open for others to add their publications that uses OpenFlow.

Technical Reports

Number Title
2009-1 FlowVisor: A Network Virtualization Layer
2009-3 Blueprint for Introducing Innovation into the Wireless Networks we use every day
2009-4 Unifying Packet and Circuit Switched Networks with OpenFlow
2011-1 Separating Authentication, Access and Accounting:A Case Study with OpenWiFi

The LaTeX style file for the cover page is provided and described in a wiki page.