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HP OpenFlow capable firmware is now GA

December 7th, 2011, Masa in OpenFlow Blog

OpenFlow capable firmware for HP switches is now available without requiring special license. It can be downloaded by customers/partners from HP’s website.

Current version is K.15.05.5001(for OpenFlow researchers only) as Early Availability and here is how I downloaded it:

  1. Go to
  2. You will be required to sign-in to download the firmware. If you have your account, go to the next step. Otherwise, create it now and come back. To crate your account, place the mouse pointer over the “Sign-in” link on top right corner. Another menu pops up and click “Create new account” and follow the instruction.
  3. In Auto Search text-box, type the part of the product name (e.g., 5400 or 6600)
  4. Select appropriate product (check the check box)
  5. Click “Display Selected” button
  6. Click “software downloads” link (a bit hard to find.. look for light-blue link on the right side)
  7. Find the proper firmware and click the link shown as “>>”. As of the timing of this blog post, “K.15.05.5001 (for OpenFlow researchers only)” in Early Availability is the one.
  8. You’re required to sign-in. Click “Sign-in with HP Passport” button.
  9. Sign-in
  10. Finally. Click “Download” button (Read the SUPPORT CAUTION first).


10 Gigabit Ethernet OpenFlow switch from IBM

November 17th, 2011, Masa in OpenFlow Blog

IBM announced 10 gigabit ethernet OpenFlow switch G8264, which has 48 × 10 GbE SFP+ ports and 4 × 40 GbE QSFP+ ports. It was demonstrated at Interop Las Vegas in May and now it is available as a product with GA. The switch runs in either of two modes, traditional L2/L3 mode or OpenFlow mode (the mode is chosen at the switch boot time). In OpenFlow mode, the switch supports up to 97,750 flows. Here is a link that lists the major features of the switch. More information at


IBM G8264 OpenFlow Switch

Open Networking Summit — Oct 17-19, 2011 at Stanford University

July 19th, 2011, srini in OpenFlow Blog

Stanford Clean Slate Program, in cooperation with Open Networking Foundation (ONF), is pleased to announce Open Networking Summit — a premier event about OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking (SDN), to be held on October 17-19, 2011 at Stanford University LKS Center.

Plan to attend the summit to
  • Learn from creators and leaders of OpenFlow/SDN
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Network with growing OpenFlow/SDN community
Confirmed speakers include:
Guido Appenzeller, Big Switch Nick McKeown, Stanford/ONF
Martin Casado, Nicira Dan Pitt, ONF
Matt Davy, Indiana/GMOC Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University
Stu Elby, Verizon Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley/ONF
Samrat Ganguly, NEC Steven Stuart, Google
Saar Gillai, HP Rob Vietzke, Internet2
Jonathan Heiliger, Facebook David Ward, Juniper

For details, please visit:

Boston CIO Workshop on Expanding OpenFlow/SDN deployments on Campuses a Success

July 13th, 2011, jvanreij in OpenFlow Blog

The GENI CIO Workshop held in Boston on July 7 was a success with representatives participating from BBN, NSF, Internet2, EDUCAUSE and over 20 universities interested in deploying OpenFlow/SDN on their campuses. Chip Elliot (GPO) provided an update on GENI and an overview of the new US IGNITE initiative. Then there were short technology tutorials on OpenFlow/SDN and WiMax and a panel discussion where a number of campus CIOs talked about their experiences with OpenFlow/SDN, opportunities for larger production deployments, and a few concerns that need to be addressed. Concerns include better understanding of security implications of OpenFlow/SDN, how to delegate control of OpenFlow network slices to experimenters inside and outside the campus, and creation of an inter-domain OpenFlow network slice.

This workshop was the result of an initial meeting held at Stanford University on June 15 that lead to two white papers that outlined the case for expanding OpenFlow/SDN deployments on university campuses.

The timeliness of the workshop, informative presentations, together with the possibility of funding provided by the NSF and US IGNITE program, in support of the deployment OpenFlow/SDN on campuses made for a compelling meeting.

Participants agreed to further explore the opportunity of deploying OpenFlow networks and prepare their deployment proposals to GENI and the NSF some time this fall.

A Short Note in Support of OpenFlow/SDN on University Campuses (July 7, 2011 Boston)
A Case for Expanding OpenFlow/SDN Deployments On University Campuses (Jul 7, 2011 Boston)

CPqD releases an OpenFlow-based legacy IP routing platform

June 2nd, 2011, srini in OpenFlow Blog

CPqD recently released RouteFlow, an open-source framework to provide virtualized IP routing services over OpenFlow networks. With RouteFlow, one could use open-source routing stacks (such as Quagga), running within a controller environment on general purpose computers, to build a IP routing architecture with the line-rate performance of OpenFlow-enabled devices.

RouteFlow is available under an Apache license at github. For more details, click here.


Fourteen Vendors Demonstrate OpenFlow Switches at Interop

May 25th, 2011, capveg in OpenFlow Blog

OpenFlow was a big splash at Interop. As one article put it, “Interop 2011 could have been called The OpenFlow Show” [1].


Critical to the OpenFlow Interop Labs display were four racks of OpenFlow-enabled switches running from fourteen different vendors, all interoperating and speaking to the same OpenFlow controller.  Running on top of these switches were the FlowVisor, Load-balancing, and Flow-dragging demos from Stanford, as well as demos contributed by individual vendors.

Additionally, NEC’s “Programmable Flow” Switch won the “Best in Show” prize in the infrastructure category.

Congratulations to all of the volunteers at Interop who helped make this happen!

Also read the ONF website’s post on Interop with some press clippings:

More press coverage:


Internet2 building nation-wide OpenFlow Network

May 11th, 2011, srini in OpenFlow Blog

Internet2, Indiana University and the Clean Slate Program at Stanford University have partnered to create a new nation-wide OpenFlow/SDN network as part of Network Development and Deployment Initiative.  It would be the first OpenFlow/SDN network of this scale in wide area that would be available for both research and production use. The network would also peer with Research and Education Networks in Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America.

[More details]

OpenFlow on the Packet Pushers show

April 19th, 2011, brandonh in OpenFlow Blog

The Packet Pushers just did a nice podcast on OpenFlow:

“This show is an introduction to OpenFlow – the why, how and what’s it gonna do ? We discuss OpenFlow with Matt Davey from Indiana University who is using OpenFlow enabled switches and wireless access points today.”

Available at

OpenFlow and ONF in the news

March 24th, 2011, Glen Gibb in OpenFlow Blog

A number of mainstream and technology-focused media organizations and blogs have been reporting on the creation of the Open Networking Foundation and the potential impact of OpenFlow over the past few days.

Open Networking Foundation Formed to Speed Network Innovation

March 21st, 2011, David Erickson in OpenFlow Blog

PORTLAND, Ore.– Six companies that own and operate some of the largest networks in the world — Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and Yahoo! — announced today the formation of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a new approach to networking called Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Joining these six founding companies in creating ONF are 17 member companies, including major equipment vendors, networking and virtualization software suppliers, and chip technology providers.