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HP OpenFlow capable firmware is now GA

December 7th, 2011, Masa in OpenFlow Blog

OpenFlow capable firmware for HP switches is now available without requiring special license. It can be downloaded by customers/partners from HP’s website.

Current version is K.15.05.5001(for OpenFlow researchers only) as Early Availability and here is how I downloaded it:

  1. Go to
  2. You will be required to sign-in to download the firmware. If you have your account, go to the next step. Otherwise, create it now and come back. To crate your account, place the mouse pointer over the “Sign-in” link on top right corner. Another menu pops up and click “Create new account” and follow the instruction.
  3. In Auto Search text-box, type the part of the product name (e.g., 5400 or 6600)
  4. Select appropriate product (check the check box)
  5. Click “Display Selected” button
  6. Click “software downloads” link (a bit hard to find.. look for light-blue link on the right side)
  7. Find the proper firmware and click the link shown as “>>”. As of the timing of this blog post, “K.15.05.5001 (for OpenFlow researchers only)” in Early Availability is the one.
  8. You’re required to sign-in. Click “Sign-in with HP Passport” button.
  9. Sign-in
  10. Finally. Click “Download” button (Read the SUPPORT CAUTION first).


3 Responses to “HP OpenFlow capable firmware is now GA”

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    [...] G8264 & G8264T) and HP has recently released OpenFlow software for their ethernet switches (see OpenFlow blog post).  At least some in the industry are starting to see the [...]

  2. Yousaf Says:

    For some reason the process freezes, it is the right firmware though.

  3. Push Bhatkoti Says:

    It’s great to see all vendors are working at the super fast speed to get this OF standard out.
    Awesome! go go go …

    -Push Bhatkoti