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Boston CIO Workshop on Expanding OpenFlow/SDN deployments on Campuses a Success

July 13th, 2011, jvanreij in OpenFlow Blog

The GENI CIO Workshop held in Boston on July 7 was a success with representatives participating from BBN, NSF, Internet2, EDUCAUSE and over 20 universities interested in deploying OpenFlow/SDN on their campuses. Chip Elliot (GPO) provided an update on GENI and an overview of the new US IGNITE initiative. Then there were short technology tutorials on OpenFlow/SDN and WiMax and a panel discussion where a number of campus CIOs talked about their experiences with OpenFlow/SDN, opportunities for larger production deployments, and a few concerns that need to be addressed. Concerns include better understanding of security implications of OpenFlow/SDN, how to delegate control of OpenFlow network slices to experimenters inside and outside the campus, and creation of an inter-domain OpenFlow network slice.

This workshop was the result of an initial meeting held at Stanford University on June 15 that lead to two white papers that outlined the case for expanding OpenFlow/SDN deployments on university campuses.

The timeliness of the workshop, informative presentations, together with the possibility of funding provided by the NSF and US IGNITE program, in support of the deployment OpenFlow/SDN on campuses made for a compelling meeting.

Participants agreed to further explore the opportunity of deploying OpenFlow networks and prepare their deployment proposals to GENI and the NSF some time this fall.

A Short Note in Support of OpenFlow/SDN on University Campuses (July 7, 2011 Boston)
A Case for Expanding OpenFlow/SDN Deployments On University Campuses (Jul 7, 2011 Boston)

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