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Archive for February, 2011

FlowVisor version 0.7 released

February 13th, 2011, capveg in OpenFlow Blog

An updated version of FlowVisor has been released that adds a small number of features and addresses a number of bugs.

Switch donation jumpstarts new OpenFlow deployments

February 9th, 2011, srini in OpenFlow Blog

The GENI Project Office (GPO), in an effort to grow the OpenFlow networking substrate for GENI, funded Stanford Unviersity to distribute OpenFlow-enabled switches to campuses to help them create or grow their existing OpenFlow networks for both research and production use. We distributed approximately 30 Pronto 3290 switches among the following campuses:

MAX Gigapop
(PIs: Abdella Battou,
Balasubramania N. Pillai)

RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute)’
(PI: Ilia Baldine)

Kansas State University (ECE Dept)
(PIs: Caterina Scoglio,
Don Gruenbacher)

North Carolina State University
(PI: Rudra Dutta)

Duke University
(PI: Jeff Chase)

University of North Carolina
(PI: Don Smith)

North Carolina Central University
(PIs: R. N. Uma, Donghyun David Kim,
and Alade Tokuta)

Clemson University
(PIs: Kuang-Ching Wang,
Richard Brooks, Haiying Shen,
and Sebastien Goasguen)

Georgia Institute of Technology
(PIs: Nick Feamster, Russell Clark)

University of Arizona
(PI: Srini Ramasubramanian)

We are excited about the participation of 8 new institutions in the OpenFlow trials through this donation. We look forward to successful deployment of OpenFlow networks at all these campuses and exciting research enabled by them.