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CPqD Ports OpenFlow to New Platform

October 13th, 2010, dtalayco in OpenFlow Blog

CPqD is a private non-profit Brazilian R&D foundation.  Recently they announced the first switch in South America to support the OpenFlow 1.0 specification. The switch uses Broadcom L2/L3 silicon with 24 x 1Gb ports and 2 x 10Gb ports.  It has a high performance CPU running the Indigo-beta-4 release from Stanford.

Tens of these OpenFlow switches will be deployed in Project GIGA´s High-speed Experimental Network, an IP/Ethernet/WDM network testbed run by CPqD and RNP (Brazilian NREN). Today the GIGA network connects 66 research labs at multigigabit per second rates in the southeast region of Brazil, but will soon be upgraded to support 100Gb/s bit rates, using technology developed in project GIGA, and expanded to all the other regions of the country, using RNP´s network resources.

This large-scale OpenFlow infrastructure will be fundamental to the national initiative on Future Internet that CPqD and RNP, amongst others, are leading, as well as to support collaborative experiments related to projects GIGA and GENI.

The development of the OpenFlow switch and the development of an IP routing stack solution that runs outside the switches on top of NOX (stay tuned!) are under the Future Internet umbrella of CPqD´s current R&D program, which includes a number of projects, such as Project GIGA.

CPqD was the R&D branch of Brazil´s telephony monopoly system until 1997, when the whole system was privatized. Since then CPqD is a private foundation with the goal of bridging the gap between university research and product development, helping (mainly) local companies to innovate and compete in the market. Today CPqD has more than 30 years of existence and 1200 employees carrying out R&D activities on various ICT sectors.