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First international OpenFlow tutorial and demo session, in Brazil

May 29th, 2010, brandonh in OpenFlow Blog

The first international OpenFlow tutorial was held on 5/27 in Gramado, a small mountain town in southern Brazil.  The full-day tutorial, along with a talk on Software-Defined Networking and demo session the next day, were part of SBRC 2010, Brazil’s largest conference for networking researchers (~800 were in attendance).

All events went swimmingly, with about 40 attendees.  The tutorial alternated between hands-on exercises and lecture, with topics such as OpenFlow motivation, history, interface, demos, availability, deployments, and community.  In the hands-on portion, each participant worked to learn the OpenFlow toolset and turn the provided hub controller into a flow-based switch. Fortunately, the 6499 miles and 200+ms RTT between Stanford and Gramado affected only one demo out of 6; most worked without a hitch.

The tutorial slide deck is available.

2 Responses to “First international OpenFlow tutorial and demo session, in Brazil”

  1. Marcos Salvador Says:

    I would like to thank Brandon, Masa, Nick and Guru for accepting the invitation to highlight OpenFlow in the first Future Internet Experimental Research Workshop in the 28th edition of SBRC. It is in our plans to provide a large-scale OpenFlow network testbed in Brazil and this training on OpenFlow was very important to motivate the networking research community in the country to carry out experimental research over this OpenFlow testbed.

    Thank you and warm regards from Brazil.

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