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Indigo: OpenFlow Switching 1.0 for the LB4G is Alpha

February 17th, 2010, dtalayco in OpenFlow Blog

Update 6/28/10: Indigo has gone beta.  See the release notes for more information.

Indigo is the code name of the OpenFlow Switching 1.0 software release for the Quanta LB4G, a 48-port Gigabit switch with 4 10 Gbps uplinks based on the Broadcom 56514.  The code targets other Broadcom devices as well, although this release supports only the LB4G.  The code is the follow-on to the Stanford-LB4G software release from last September.  Indigo differs from the previous release in several ways:

  • Supports OpenFlow Switching 1.0
  • Linux user space code:  Only the minimal device drivers are installed in the kernel.  The majority of the code uses the OpenFlow udatapath implemenation.
  • Hardware driver abstraction:  The code is written to a new hardware abstraction API that extends the current user space software table structure allowing easier porting to new hardware platforms.  The API header file and updated OpenFlow code is also available (see below).
  • Targets other Broadcom devices including reference designs for the 56634 and 56820.

This is an alpha release and still has some known issues, but should provide a basis for experimentation.  Your feedback is strongly encouraged to help prioritize features and make this usable for OpenFlow deployments in the enterprise, data center, and wide-area network.

The initial release notes are available here.  A very preliminary hardware roadmap page is available here.

To receive access to the software or to provide feedback regarding the package, please send email to and include “LB4G” in the subject line.