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Welcome Dan Talayco

April 8th, 2009, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog
Dan Talayco

Dan Talayco

Up to now, the OpenFlow group at Stanford has provided reference implementations of OpenFlow for two different platforms, the software switch (which runs on any PC with several network interfaces) and the NetFPGA implementation. The challenge with this is that both of these implementations have a low total bandwidht (< 10 Gb/s) and typically low fan out (< 10 ports). With these limitations, some future OpenFlow features such as QoS are hard to test in a realistic way.

To address this problem, we have recently started an effort to develop an OpenFlow reference implementation that runs on a hardware switch. Our goal here is not to compete with the production quality implementations from NEC and HP, but to create a research platform for ourselves and other universities to test out experimental features.

The person spearheading this effort is our newest team member, Dan Talayco. Dan has a background in developing software for switches from his work at Broadcom, and in an earlier life was a faculty at Franklin and Marshall college. Expect to see more from him on this blog in the next few months.

Welcome Dan!

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