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liboftrace – openflow debugging tool released

April 14th, 2009, capveg in OpenFlow Blog

Yesterday, I announced a new OpenFlow debugging tool: liboftrace.  oftrace is a library for parsing and analyzing openflow messages (as defined in openflow.h) from a network dump, i.e., from tcpdump or wireshark.  I imagine (hope? ;-) that people will find their own uses for this, but the two initial motivating applications for this library are:

ofstats: a program which calculates the controller processing delay, i.e., the difference in time between a packet_in message and the corresponding packet_out or flow_mod message.


ofdump: a program that simply lists openflow message types with timestamps by switch/controller pair.

liboftrace is a C library with a swig ( wrapper that allows it to be used from your favorite scripting language.  Both ofstats and ofdump applications have been ported to python ( and and are included in the tarball as examples.

More description and the actual code are available at:

If (when) you find bugs, please post them to our bug tracking system at :

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