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OpenFlow at Supercomputing 2008!

November 23rd, 2008, dgu in OpenFlow Blog

OpenFlow made its latest appearance at the Internet2 booth for the 2008 Supercomputing convention in Austin, TX.  Adam Covington and David Underhill presented OpenFlow over four days to attendees from diverse backgrounds (industry, academia, and media) and diverse locations (Japan, Netherlands, and more).  We were able to show off our latest demo which included a VOIP phone in the OpenFlow network.  Attendees could place a call to the phone, see the flow to the phone show up in real-time, and then actually hear the latency of the echo as the flow was re-routed on the fly to go from Stanford to Japan, all over the US, and finally back.

To see photos from convention, go here — you will see the OpenFlow booth in action (along with our prime spot near the Network Operations Center)!

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