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OpenFlow Dissector Released as Wireshark Plugin

August 27th, 2008, dgu in OpenFlow Blog

After its successful debut at the OpenFlow tutorial, the fist public release of the OpenFlow dissector is now available on the downloads page.  This Wireshark plugin will decode all packets for the current OpenFlow release and hierarchically present the details in a human-readable form. Instructions on how to install and use it can be found on the OpenFlow Wiki.

OpenFlow Dissector for Wireshark (v0.85.1)

OpenFlow Dissector for Wireshark (v0.85.1)

OpenFlow demo at the GENI CIO Meeting in Chicago

August 27th, 2008, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

We gave a short presentation of OpenFlow in the context of Enterprise GENI at the GENI CIO Meeting in Chicago today, and finished it with a live demo of the system running at Stanford. Everything worked very well, with the dashboard running in Chicago and us being able to demonstrate VM mobility and flow optimization (Thanks Glen and David U!).

There seems to be a lot of interests from University CIOs in OpenFlow as a potential tool for networking research. Specifically the ability to run production traffic and experimental traffic on the same switching hardware with good separation received a lot of questions. There seems to be a natural tension at Unviersities between networking researchers that want maximum flexibility, and the people operating the production network that want to keep everything stable and secure. An OpenFlow switch that separates OpenFlow and production traffic by VLAN seems to provide at least a partial solution to this problem.

OpenFlow wins Best Demo Award at SIGCOMM 2008

August 21st, 2008, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

Today at the SIGCOMM 2008 conference in Seattle our demo of OpenFlow for virtual machine mobility won the award for the best demonstration. An abstract of the demo can be found on the SIGCOMM site here.

This demo was a huge group effort between Stanford, Cisco and HP. In the end everything worked perfectly and the response from SIGCOMM attendees was overwhelming. Congratulations to everyone who contributed including David, Glen, Brandon, David, Jad, Guido, Guru, Nick, Mendel, Monica, Masa, Miles, Adam and Bob at Stanford. Thanks to Sailesh, Valentina, Pere and Flavio at Cisco and Jean, Praveen, Sujata, Charles and Rick at HP.

We’ll have more about the demo including video and photos later.

Also congratulations to Neda, Sara, Yashar, Brandon and David to their second place for the NetFPGA demo!

OpenFlow T-Shirts Arrive at SIGCOMM 2008

August 19th, 2008, David Erickson in OpenFlow Blog
The beginning of Masa and Guido's modelling career

The beginning of Masa's and Guido's modeling careers

David, Brandon, and Glen’s concensus? “Take off the undershirts, divas…”

Site Under Construction…

August 15th, 2008, Guido Appenzeller in OpenFlow Blog

As you can see, we are currently overhauling the OpenFlow web site in terms of both design and content. All the content of the previous site is still here, and we are adding a blog, a wiki and eventually forums. We have also made a number of changes that makes it easier for us to administer the site.

While things are under construction, one thing you can do is subscribe to our OpenFlow Blog. It is a good way of keeping up with OpenFlow development and hearing the latest news on the standard, products that incorporate OpenFlow and events around OpenFlow.

OpenFlow Tutorial at HOTI 2008, Aug 26

August 14th, 2008, brandonh in OpenFlow Blog

HOT Interconnects 2008 will feature a hands-on tutorial on OpenFlow, delivered by Brandon Heller and Guido Appenzeller.  The registration deadline has been extended to Aug 17, and more details can be found at  Watch this space for videos!

If you want to attend HOTI, you can register here.