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Technical Report Cover

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The cover page for the OpenFlow technical report is provided using a LaTeX style file, that uses this image file. Download both into the source directory and provide the necessary commands.

Commands Provided

The \coverpage command should be placed right after \begin{document} to generate the cover page.

Required Commands

  • The technical report year/number is a required field for the cover page. It can be specified using
  • The abstract at the cover should be specified using

Recommended Commands

  • An url for the technical report is recommended using
  • The title of the cover page is usually extracted from the standard LaTeX \title command. To override it with a different title, use
\covertitle{<Title for cover page>}
  • The author list for the coverpage is also automatically extracted from the standard LaTeX \author commands. However, class file specific formatting can be an issue. One can override the list of authors from the cover using
\coverauthor{<List of authors>}
  • Some format also provide a \institution command. If the command is not defined or that is to be overridden for the cover, use
\coverinstitution{<List of institutions>}

Optional Commands

  • You can also include a footnote at the cover page using
  • The standard \date is also used to date the technical report. The default value is \today.