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This package provides two OpenFlow debugging tools:

  • OFlops (OpenFLow Operations Per Second) is a standalone controller that benchmarks various aspects of an OpenFlow switch. Oflops implements a modular framework for adding and running implementation-agnostic tests to quantify an switch's performance.
  • Cbench (controller benchmarker) is a program for testing OpenFlow controllers by generating packet-in events for new flows. Cbench emulates a bunch of switches which connect to a controller, send packet-in messages, and watch for flow-mods to get pushed down.


  1. Read the User File:Manual.pdf (direct link [1]


Current Benchmarks

  1. maximum supported packet_in message generate rate
    • also calculates the delay between packet arrival and corresponding packet_in
  2. maximum supported port status messages rate
    • also calculates processing delay

Coming Soon

  1. maximum flow stats handling rate
    • as a function of populated flow entries
  2. maximum aggregate stats handling rate


This code is still considered alpha quality 


  • Rob Sherwood