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This is a community-supported Wiki created and maintained by you, the OpenFlow community!

If you find that information here is inaccurate or out of date, please feel free to correct it.

Get Started

Mailing list and IRC Channel

Intelligent discussion of OpenFlow and SDN is encouraged on the openflow-discuss mailing list

and the #openflow IRC channel on

You can use the IRC client of your choice, or use freenode's web chat client.

Current OpenFlow Specification

The latest OpenFlow Specifications for all OpenFlow versions since OpenFlow 1.2 may be found on the Open Networking Foundation web site.

Software OpenFlow Switch Implementations

  • Open vSwitch: A software switch which is included with nearly every Linux distribution and is compatible with OpenFlow.
  • CPqD OpenFlow Switch: The CPqD switch is a version of the Stanford Reference Implementation which has been updated to support OpenFlow 1.3
  • LINC: LINC is an OpenFlow 1.3-compatible switch impelmented in Erlang.
  • Pantou: Pantou is an OpenFlow 1.0 implementation using OpenWRT which turns your off-the-shelf home router/access point into an OpenFlow switch.

OpenFlow Controllers

Open Source Controllers:

Closed Source / Commercial Controllers:


These tools are all compatible with the OpenFlow standard:

  • Flowvisor: allow multiple researchers to share an OpenFlow network
  • PortVirt: Performs port-virtualization to make single OF switch seem like multiple switches
  • liboftrace: A library for monitoring and debugging OpenFlow control traffic
  • oflops: An OpenFlow benchmarking controller
  • Mininet: An instant OpenFlow/Software-Defined Network on your Laptop (network emulator/development platform)
  • OpenFlow GUI
    • ENVI: an extensible foundation for OpenFlow-related networking visualizations
    • LAVI: backend in NOX to support visualization


These are experimental additions to OpenFlow, and are not currently part of the standard:


Deployments and working groups:

NOX Modules

  • Basic Spanning Tree: NOX module that constructs a spanning-tree for an OpenFlow network Note: Does not interoperate with 802.1D STP or other standard spanning tree protocols.
  • Mobile VMs: Demonstration application that won the award for best demonstration at SIGCOMM 2008

Misc. Pages

OpenFlow 1.1 and Earlier

For detailed information see Historical OpenFlow Releases page.

Latest Release: OpenFlow 1.1 Release Notes Wiki Page
Stable Release: OpenFlow 1.0 Release Notes Wiki Page
Archived Release: OpenFlow 0.8.9r2 Release Notes Wiki Page

For older releases see the Version Archive

For discussion of more long-term (i.e. post 1.0) features see Openflow 1.X Discussion, or Jean's list of OpenFlow 1.2 proposals.

Stanford OpenFlow 1.0 Reference Implementation

Archived Pages

Development Software Acknowledgements

  • YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. Take a look at YourKit's leading software products: YourKit Java Profiler and YourKit .NET Profiler.