Uses of Interface

Packages that use Vertex
org.openflow.gui.drawables Objects which can be drawn by the Pan-Zoom GUI. 
org.pzgui.layout Extends the base Pan-Zoom GUI system to provide automatic node layout. 

Uses of Vertex in org.openflow.gui.drawables

Classes in org.openflow.gui.drawables that implement Vertex
 class Host
          Describes a host.
 class LayoutableIcon
 class Node
          Information about a node in the topology.
 class NodeWithPorts
          Information about a node with ports in the topology.
 class OpenFlowSwitch
          Describes an OpenFlow switch.
 class SimpleNode
          Describes a simple Node.
 class SimpleNodeWithPorts
          Describes a simple NodeWithPorts.
 class VirtualOpenFlowSwitch
          A part of an OpenFlowSwitch which is displayed independently of the rest of the switch.

Uses of Vertex in org.pzgui.layout

Classes in org.pzgui.layout with type parameters of type Vertex
 interface Edge<V extends Vertex>
          Interface which Edges must implement in order to be laid out.

Methods in org.pzgui.layout that return types with arguments of type Vertex
 edu.uci.ics.jung.graph.Graph<Vertex,Edge> PZLayoutManager.getGraph()
          gets the graph backing the layout manager
 edu.uci.ics.jung.algorithms.layout.Layout<Vertex,Edge> PZLayoutManager.getLayout()
          gets the current layout, if any

Method parameters in org.pzgui.layout with type arguments of type Vertex
 void PZLayoutManager.setLayout(edu.uci.ics.jung.algorithms.layout.Layout<Vertex,Edge> layout)
          sets the current layout